Useful Photoshop plugins and templates*

Aug 18, 2015

Photoshop and illustrator can be pretty daunting to developers wanting to create assets for their mobile game. They’re probably the most complicated applications that I have to deal with. For better or worse, these applications have become standards. Fortunately, that also means there’s a lot of resources available thanks to the large community around these applications. Here are a few that I’ve found to be very useful.

IOS Icon template

Easily create an ios icon in all needed resolutions. Simply modify the app icon layer of the template in photoshop. Use the photoshop actions that are part of this template to export the icon files. Simply drag them files into your XCode project to apply them.

Android Icon template

The same as above but for android.

IOS Splash screen template

Similar to the ios icon template, but for splash screens. This will create .png files for all the different ios devices. You can simply drag the image files into your XCode project and they will be used as splash screens for all the different devices.

Multiple resolutions script for illustrator

This script for illustrator will export your artboards to three different resolutions (0.5x, 1x, and 1.5x). Useful for creating assets for different mobile resolutions, or if you just want different sized images.

Cut and slice me

This plugin is useful if you’re designing the screens of your app or game in photoshop. This plugin will export your photoshop layers to separate .png files, so you’ll have separate files for your screen components like buttons and icons that can be easily imported into your project in your IDE.

App store screenshots template

Making app store screenshot images for your app can be a really tedious process. If you have five screenshots for each iOS device (not including iPad) that’s 20 screenshots you have to make. This template allows you to deal with only one set of screenshots for the iPhone 6+, and the screenshots for the other devices will be created by automatically for you. Simply use the included action to export them all. There’s also a similar template for iPad screenshots available here.

* and one for Illustrator