Play the game that'll exercise your brain in a fun and creative way. Bottle Up is like a tug of war with words that you can play against friends and family around the world.

The game is easy to pick up. Put your word knowledge to the test by coming up with words or phrases that fit a topic. Use the right letters to score points against your opponent!

Want to win big prizes? Take part in daily tournaments or earn scratch cards by winning matches. Bottle Up is an addictive way to relax anytime and anywhere.

Download it now to start testing your vocabulary and knowledge against players around the world. Learn new words. Expand your vocabulary. Have a good time!


Think of words and phrases that fit a given category like "Things found in a bathroom". Think strategically because you'll want to try to use the letters on the board to score points. Take turns with your opponent and be the first to win the majority of letters on the board.


  • Over 100s of categories to test your knowledge in a wide range of topics
  • Take part in daily tournaments for a chance to win big rewards
  • Rank yourself against players all over the world
  • Earn scratch cards and rewards by winning matches
  • Play online against friends and family, or be matched against new opponents