Farkle Friends! Bringing friends together with dice

Oct 16, 2023

After many hours fully immersed in the world of game development, I am beyond excited to announce the release of our latest mobile game - Farkle Friends! It's free and available on the App Store here, and Google Play here.

Farkle Friends is based on the classic dice game Farkle, a fun-filled push-your-luck dice game. With its deceptively simple and super-easy-to-learn mechanics, Farkle's addictive nature will keep you coming back for more.

In Farkle, you roll the dice and score epic combos. The thrill intensifies as you must decide whether to keep pushing for more points or play it safe and collect your earnings. You could win big or lose it all. Your fate lies in your hands - a true test of your risk-taking skills!

The Farkle Friends mobile game is multiplayer, allowing you to play with friends and family, and fellow dice rolling enthusiasts. You can chat with other players, compete in thrilling tournaments, and challenge your rivals directly.

Creating multiplayer games turned out to be a long grind, but the effort pays off when you witness the joy of players interacting with each other. Remember the good old days of gathering with friends and family for board game nights? Farkle Friends brings that nostalgic experience straight to your mobile device!

Farkle Friends is just the beginning. Exciting plans are in motion for more multiplayer games that will bring friendly fun to your mobile device. Stay tuned for details of upcoming releases.

So, now is the time to get your thumbs ready, and download Farkle Friends! Play it with your friends, family, rivals, and other dice enthusiasts!