16 free flat icon sets (with psd)

Feb 5, 2014

From Apple to Microsoft, everyone's gone flat. Vibrant solid colors, and simple elements with minimal style effects are in. Skeuomorphism is out. I, for one, welcome this change, and especially love the colorful flat icons that are part of this trend.

Fortunately, flat icon sets have proliferated on the net for you to freely use in your site or app. I've previously posted about design resources. This time, I've compiled a list of free flat icon sets for you. I've focused mainly on sets with their vector sources (either in photoshop or illustrator), so that you can scale them without losing any quality.

1. 47 flat icons by studio4

2. Flat icons vol 2 by studio4

3. Flat design icon set Vol1

4. Flat design icon set Vol2

5. Flat design icon set Vol3

6. Flat design icon set Vol4

7. 20 Flat icons

8. Ballicons free

9. Flat icons #2

10. Flat icons #3

11. Flat seo icons

12. Flatilicious

13. Monkey-boy free flat icons

14. Flat jewels icon set (sample)

15. Flat icons (requires premium license for commercial projects)

16. Flat icon set freebie